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Rod's Food - Coral Blend

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Rod's Food CORAL blend is creating a little confusion. In our opinion, only about 15% of hobbyists should be using this blend. Although we feel it is a great product for the right applications, most hobbyists should be using Rod's Food Original Blend.

The confusion...

Many people are hearing of this "Awesome Rods Food, that feeds the corals too."

They are usually hearing of Rod's Food Original Blend. Because of what they hear, "It feeds the corals too," many people go to their local stores and ask for "Rods Coral Food," but often they are really wanting the Original Blend. The Original blend was designed as "The Complete Reef Food" and that is the blend that has created the internet buzz.

The Coral Blend was developed later, by requests from the SPS fraggers out there that want to feed their frag tanks only, or for the 8 gallon nano-tanks that have no fish.

For the Coral Blend, we have removed all greens, the shrimp exoskeletons and a few other ingredients that are found in the Original Blend. The particle size is also much smaller than the Original Blend.

Ingredients Include:

Shrimp, Scallop, Oyster, Clam, Squid, Brine shrimp, Frozen red cyclops, Fish eggs, Oyster eggs, Golden pearls (all sizes), Garlic, Selco, Astaxanthin (Haematococus pluvialis), Beta-meal (Dunalliella Salina), Spirulina, RO/DI water, Freshly harvested rotifers, freshly hatched baby brine shrimp.