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Real Reef is a 100% environmentally friendly Live Rock substitute. It is a clean calcium carbonate rock with great buffering ability, shape, color and everything else you like in a great live reef rock. There is no curing required, as it is packed directly from the FHI farm's grow out tanks and sent directly to us.
Real Reef doesn't have unwanted hitch hikers such as crabs, aiptasia, sponge, flatworms, bristleworms and other nasty creepy crawlies!  Real Reef looks, feels and aquascapes like real live rock. Most Aquarists think it's better than the real thing!
It is also very light and porous like real premium Fiji and/or Tonga rocks with lots of characters. Our favorite rocks by far!

NOTE FOR OUR WEB CUSTOMERS: Please indicate your tank size and/or rock size you prefer at check-out. THANKS!

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