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Neptune Systems Apex Display Module

SKU: DG2242
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AquaDisplay Features

Sleek and Stylish case

7 mechanical buttons for speedy and flexible user interface

128 x 64 Graphical Backlight display

Displays datalog graphs

4 Highly customizable status displays

Placement of probe names and icons can be selected by user

Can scroll manually scroll between different status screens or automatically scroll through them

User adjustable contrast and backlight settings

Backlight can be dimmed at night.

User selectable tones/songs for different warning/error types

Multiple displays can be used on one system

All remote displays have the same functionality as the primary display

(i.e. can configure, graph, initiate feed cycles, etc. from all displays) Apex Systems Specification

Compact size 3.40" x 4.05" x 0.65"

Mounting holes for easy attachment to wall/stand

Multiple AquaDisplays can be used on the same system.