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Hanna Alkalinity Checker (HI 755)

SKU: DG1777
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* Easier to use and more accurate than chemical test kits
* Colorimetric method
* Large, easy to read digits
* Auto shut-off
* The Checker HC easily fits into the palm of your hand or pocket
* Use for quick and accurate on the spot analysis
* Single button operation: Zero and Measure
* Operated by a single AAA battery

The HI 755 Alkalinity Checker HC bridges the gapbetween simple chemical test kits and professional instrumentation. Chemical test kits are not very accurate and only give 5 to 10 points resolution while professional instrumentation can cost hundreds of dollars and can be time consuming to calibrate and maintain. The HI 755 Checker HC is accurate and affordable. The HI 755 Alkalinity Checker HC is extremely simple to use. First, zero the instrument with your water sample. Next, add the reagent. Last, Place the vial into the HI 755 Alkalinity Checker HC, press the button and read the results. It’s that easy.

1. HI 755 has been developed specifically for testing alkalinity in marine water. The reagents and software are different from our fresh water test kits and meters which we have been selling for many years.
2. HI 755 uses a photometric method to determine alkalinity. This method is one of the various approved methods to measure this parameter (for example EPA method 310.2 Alkalinity Colorimetric, Automated, Methyl Orange, applicable to drinking, surface, and saline waters, domestic and industrial wastes).
3. HI 755 was developed and benchmarked versus an automatic titrator (Hanna model HI 902 with 40,000 step burette and 0.001 pH resolution) using synthetic seawater standards with different alkalinity levels, and validated with aquarium samples. The end point of the titration for seawater is slightly different from the end point for freshwater (4.2 pH vs 4.5 pH). In either case, our tests clearly showed the difference between these two points was very small. The slope at this point is high. (The actual end point varies slightly depending on the composition of the sample. For example, using Gran’s Plot we have found the endpoint to be at pH 4.375 for a particular aquarium sample).

HI 755 Checker HC is supplied with (2) sample cuvettes with caps, liquid reagents for Alkalinity, (1) 1.5V AAA battery and instructions.

Range: 0 to 300 ppm (mg/L)
Resolution: 1 ppm (mg/L)
Accuracy: ±5% of reading ±5% ppm @ 25°C
Battery Type: 1) 1.5V AAA