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Chill Solutions CSXC-1 Aquarium Chiller - for up 30G

SKU: DG2679

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Powerheads, pumps, UV sterilizers and high-intensity lighting all add undesirable heat into the aquarium. The CSXC-1 chiller is perfect for nano tanks and aquariums up to 30 gallons (or more, depending on heat input). The same thermoelectric technology used in this device is used by NASA to generate electricity and maintain equipment temperature in space!

CSXC-1 Features:

Powerful - Recommended for tanks up to 30 gallons

Thermoelectric Technology - Directly converts electrical power into cooling power

Quiet - No pumps or mechanical compressors

Reliable - Only one moving part!

Easy Install - No drilling necessary

Automatic Temperature Control - Built in thermostat automatically turns the chiller on and off, just set the temperature and the CSXC-1 will do the rest

Enviromentally Friendly - No refrigerants or ozone depleting chemicals

Quality Construction - 100% MADE IN THE USA

Key Components:
Ceramic Thermoelectric Element
Teflon Temperature Sensor
Silicone Sealing O-ring

Don't be fooled by other products on the market, many of these products use aluminum components, which can leech lethal heavy metals into your tank upon exposure to saltwater. Every single component in the CSXC-1 that comes in contact with water has been specifically engineered to ensure optimum corrosion resistance.