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Azoo Plant Grower Bed Substrate (Brown or Black) - 12lbs

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The Plant Grower Bed provides a stable nutrient base for aquatic plants to thrive in. The granular structure creates an open network of spaces to allow roots unrestricted growth for a healthy root system. The Grower Bed helps to keep pH stable in the aquarium and delivers nutrients for up to 18 months from initial planting setup.

- Long lasting fertilized plant substrate up to 12-18 months.
- Purify the water that is stained from driftwoods.
- Prolong water exchange periods of up to 6 months.
- Stabilizes the pH to hold within 6.5-6.8 with a porous granular structure that is easily penetrated by plant roots.
- Minimal cloudiness of water. Water typically clear up within hours.

Product Dimensions:
- 6.5 – 6.8 Granular size.

Bag Dimensions:
- 10" L x 3" W x 14" H.

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