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New Saltwater Arrivals; Today 11/18/20

Saltwater Fish arrived:

Royal Gramma
Lemon Meringue Wrasse
Pygmy Atlantic Angel
Talbot's Damsel
Convict Tangs
Gold Headed sand sifter gobies
Tangaro goby
Bi-color yellow cleaner Wrasse
Red scooter blenny
Yellow watchman goby
Chalk basslet
Naso Tangs
Red/Green Mandarin dragonette
Spotted Mandarin dragonette
Clown Tangs
Naoko's Wrasse
Allen's Damsels
Bi-color Blenny
Bengaii Cardinals
Domnio Damsels
Blue/Green Chromis

Saltwater Invertebrates that Arrived today:

Decorator crab
Sand sifter starfish
Rock urchins
Coral banded shrimp
Blue Coral banded shrimp
Flame Scallop
Peppermint shrimp
Emerald crabs