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FW Fish and Plants Arrived

FW Fish & Plants Arrived:

African Dwarf Frog
Veiltail Angelfish LG
Gold Marble Angelfish
Koi Angelfish
Marble Angelfish
Gold Zebra Danio LF
Zebra Danio
Assorted Male and Female Guppies
Amano Shrimps
Ghost Shrimps
Tiger Nerite
Zebra Nerites
Cardinal Tetras
Neon Tetras
Gold Pristella Tetras
Rummy Nose Tetras
White Cloud LF
Bunched Plants
Dwarf Baby Tears in Cup
Anubias nana Petite Loose
Crinum Calamistratum
Water Hyacinth
Dwarf Baby Tears Potted
Blue Eye Bushynose LF
Orinoco L201 Pleco
Flat Flyer L235
LDA01 Gold Tiger
Black Neon Tetras
Congo Tetras
Ember Tetras
Glowlight Tetras
Neon Tetras
Rummynose Tetras
Celestial Pearl Danios
Neon Red Rasbora
Siamese Algae Eater
REticulated Siamese Algae Eater
Roseline Shark
Sparkling Gourami
Vaillant Chocolate Gourami
Celebes Rainbow
Clown Killi
DwarfPea Puffer

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