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Saltwater Arrivals Today 2/17/21

Saltwater Fish that Arrived Today:

Dispar Anthias
Yellow Watchman Gobies
Decorator Crabs
Orange Spotted Sandsifter Gobies
Banded Pipefish
Messimate Pipefish
Desjardini Tang
Dariene Tang
Fowleri Tang
Convict Tang
Six Line Wrasse
Cleaner Wrasse
Naoko's Fairy Wrasse
Gold Rim Tang
Blonde Naso
Springer Damsels
Katherine's Wrasse
Randall's Goby
Spotted Mandarin
Yellow Fin Flasher Wrasse
Blue Sided Wrasse
Blue Throated Wrassse
Rose Belly Wrasse
Blue Tang
Bicolor Blennies
Azure Damsel
Splendid Basslet
White Sandsifter Goby
Bangaii Cardinals

Saltwater Inverts that arrived Today:

Bumblebee snails
Globe Urchins
Pincushion Urchins
Red Sponge
Coral Banded Shrimp
Sandsifting Starfish
Sea Hares
Nassarius Snails

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