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SW Fish & Inverts 2/11/20 TUES

New SW Fish & Inverts IN:

Dottyback Blue Line Dottyback
Clownfish Clarkii
Soapfish 6 Line Soapfish
Tangs Eibli Mimic Tang SM
Triggerfish Blue Line Triggerfish, SM
Tangs Clown Tang, MD
Wrasses Leopard Ornate (F) LG
Wrasses Tamarin Wrasse
Goby Orange Spotted Sifter MD
Goby Tigers/Ward's Sifter Goby
Wrasses Leopard Wrasse (F) MD
Wrasses Lemon Meringue (white belly)
Goby White Sifter
Dragonets Goby Red Scooter
Moorish Idol
Crabs & Lobsters Pom Pom Crab
Tangs Sri Lanka Tang SM
Snails Astrea Pyramid
Jawfish Dusky Jawfish
Shrimps Michael Pistol
Blenny Indo Weed Fish Springeratus Xanthosoma
Conch Atlantic Conch MD
Snails Astrea Pyramid
Wrasses Cleaner Wrasse, Blue Line

Have a wonerful week!

Neptune Aquatics