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FW Fish 2/11/20

Otocinclus Common Oto
Otocinclus Yellow Otocinclus ML
Otocinclus Zebra Oto
Barbs & Sharks Albino Cherry Barb
Betta Galaxy Koi Plakat
Assorted Guppies
Other Shrimps Ghost Shrimp
Barbs & Sharks Roseline Shark, GOLDEN 2.0"+
Swordtail Red Koi Tricolor
Cichlids Apisto Aga Gold Fire Red PAIR
Cichlids Apisto Cac Golden Flash PAIR
Cichlids German Gold Balloon Ram
Cichlids German Blue Rams, LG-XL
Cichlids Gold Face Electric Blue Rams
Cichlids Electric Blue Balloon Ram
Tetras Emperor Kerri Purple
Asst. Loose Plants Banana Plant
Asst. Loose Plants Blyxa Japonica
Bunched Plants Bunched, Assorted
Moss Balls
Bunched Plants Bunched, Assorted
Anubias, Ferns, Bolbitis Anubias Barteri
Carpet Plants Hemianthus Callitrichoides Dwarf Baby Tears, Potted
Cryptocorynes Crypt Parva, Potted
Carpet Plants Giant Hairgrass, Potted
Carpet Plants Eleocharis sp. Mini (Mini Hairgrass)

Have a great week!