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Shipping Information

Live Arrival Guarantee
Live Fish Shipping Rate
Coral Shipping Rate 
Our Live Fish Packaging
Live Arrival Acclimation Guideline

  • Neptune Aquatics guarantees live arrival on packages shipped using one of our preferred methods, typically same day delivery or next day delivery. We cannot guarantee live arrival of packages that are not received on time due to carrier delay (ie. weather conditions), failure to pick up fish within two hours of arrival, incorrect shipping location provided, or any acts of Mother Nature (hurricane , tsunami , earthquake , UFO abduction , plate tectonic shifting , forest fire , etc.).

  • "Live Arrival Guarantee" for FISH is defined by Neptune Aquatics as follows: upon opening the box and inspecting your new arrivals, the fish are all swimming. In other words, they are not floating upside down or swimming erratically. Fish should appear to have no ailments and to be in good physical health. Should you receive fish that do not meet these standards, it is the customer's responsibility to take digital pictures of the fish and email them to us within two (2) hours of receiving them. No exception! The digital pictures of your DOA fish  should be taken while the fish is still in the unopened bag under all circumstances! If the bag(s)  were found to be opened or tampered with, no credit will be issued. If the fish are alive and you release them into your tank, only to have them become ill or die after they enter your water, we will not be liable for the condition of your tank.

    "Live Arrival Guarantee" for CORAL is defined by Neptune Aquatics as follows: Corals are alive for 24 hours within your tank upon receipt. Should your coral be dead, we will credit you for the purchase on your next order. Digital picture of your DOA must be sent to us within the guarantee period. No exceptions!

    We also encourage you to call or  email us once you receive your shipment to confirm their safe arrival.

  • If the situation occurs where -- through no fault of Neptune Aquatics or the carrier -- an order or any portion of an order is cancelled or otherwise refused by the customer AFTER the order has been processed, bagged, boxed and delivered to a carrier, the following charges shall be assessed to the customer: 1) any freight/carrier charges which might have been incurred, 2) all applicable box/packing charges, 3) all applicable heat pack charges, and 4) a restocking charge on all returned items equal to 20 percent of the amount actually invoiced for the items.

  • Neptune Aquatics will not ship using a carrier other than our preferred carriers. This is enforced very strictly for the safety of your fish and to maintain our Live Arrival Guarantee.

    Non-Cargo shipments are done Monday through Saturday! Cargo shipments are done 7 days a week!
    Live fish will be shipped 3 days after confirming order and shipping details in order to minimize toxic chemicals (see details further down).
    We Ship Via:
    FedEx Overnight

    Southwest Cargo
    Delta Cargo
    Greyhound (Typically $15 to Sacramento, CA, and $25 to LA, CA)

    Those are just our preferred carriers, as we will make arrangement with you with other carriers if neccessary. We can also ship via USPS to your door, but bear in mind that the cost is generally higher.

Thank you for taking the time to read and understand our policies and procedures (really, we couldn't figure out what we were saying our first run through, too! ) Although some of the above policies may appear a bit extreme, they allow us to reasonably conduct business online and ensure our customers that each and every business transaction will go smoothly and trouble free. 


 What are your shipping prices for mail-order fish?

The average cost for shipping cargo carriers is $50 to $85 for a standard fish box. 
Greyhound within California is $15 - $35.
Certain areas of California can recieve Fedex Home Delivery for only $10 - $ 15.

Carrier charge shipping based on weight and dimension. We try to use the smallest available box possible that will comfortable fit all your fishes. 

We only charge a $10 box charge per box that includes handling and heat packs. Yep, there are no other hidden fees like the cellphone company hit you with! Just freight and box.

Standard orders are between 4 to 6 small to medium bags of fish. Larger orders contain 7 or more bags. Inquire for details. Some dry goods may be combined with livestock mailings. All sales are final! Neptune Aquatics will not reimburse shipping costs for any reason. Contact us for more details on shipping.

 How do you pack your fish?

We begin by starving them 24 hours before their departure. This will ensure that there will be less toxic chemicals during transportation (ie. less poop in the bag). Depending on the size of the fishes, we will pack them either individually or 2-5 per bag. Pure oxygen and anti-fungal solution is used in all bags. The solution is used because this is when the fishes are most susceptable to parasitic attack. All bags are double-bagged and placed upside down to prevent pinching any fishes. Liners are used to keep in heat and to prevent water leakage. Finally, a short prayer to our Fish God (Big Bossman Neptune! ) and they're off!

 What should I do when I receive my package?

Make sure you are available to receive the package as soon as possible after delivery. Once at home, float the bags in your aquarium until the temperature is equalized between the tank and the bags.  This usually takes about 10-15 minutes.

For live fish, begin by turning off the lights to the aquarium during this process to ease the stress of your fish. Slowly acclimate the fish bag's water by  by replacing 10-15% of the bag's water with your aquarium water (discard the shipping bag's water as it is polluted). Repeat this every 5-10 minutes until you replaced the entire content of the bag's water with your aquarium water. This is refer to as "dripping." Take as much time as needed during this process.

Next, open the bag and pour its contents through a net, and then place the fish in you aquarium (if you have a quarantine tank, even better!..heck, you wouldn't even be reading this then, huh? ). We recommend not dumping the bag’s water into the aquarium as it may contain traces of ammonia (yes, fish do urinate! ) and to prevent any contamination.

Keep in mind that transported fishes are very stressed and weak during their initial arrival. Do not add your new fish into an established tank with larger or more aggressive tank mates until they are ready. Good luck and let us know if you have any questions!

 What are your shipping prices for corals and supplies?

That's easy! All corals are shipped at a flat rate of $70 Overnight Shipping through our preferred carrier with signature confirmation. You must be there to accept the package in order for the live arrival guarantee to be valid.

If you choose to waive signature confirmation the Live Arrival Guarantee will not be valid. Please specify that you do not want signature confirmation in your order comment during checkout.

There will be a $10 box charge plus sales tax if you're purchasing within California. Heat and cold packs are included in the box charge.

Coral orders over $300 gets free shipping!

Supplies, cichlids, and plant's shipping charges will be billed to you after we receive your order. This will allow us to pick the best and cheapest method to ship to you. 

We know it sounds crazy if you just want supplies and have to pay a $70 shipping rate (especially if it's just a $5 item ), but the supplies are usually added onto a coral\cichlid order so that's where the savings come in. Feel free to contact us for supply-only orders so we can give you a reasonable shipping rate!

In-store Policy


  • ALL SALES ARE FINAL, unless otherwise noted.  If a refund or exchange is authorized, original receipt is required.
  • No exchange or refunds on LIVESTOCK.  Due to the nature of livestock and many factors beyond our control, we highly encourage everyone to do their own research or ask first about the livestock care and compatability before purchasing.
  • No refunds or exchange on special order items.
  • No exchange or refunds on any DRY GOODS, unless otherwise noted.  If the purchased product needs to be serviced, we recommend that you contact the manufacturer first prior to contacting us.  If for any reason that the manufacturer cannot help you out, then let us know and we will try our best to help you out.
  • No stealing, especially if you wear shades. 
  • No food or drinks allowed in the store.
  • If you need to open a box to examine its contents, please let us do it for you.
  • Our retail store price may be different from our web store price.
  • Petting of Ben-Joe is highly encouraged and will sooth your soul. 
Planted Tank Basics

Just starting out with a planted tank? Need some information? Check out our guide to starting out a planted tank written by Glen Canlas!

Neptune Aquatics Planted Tank Basic

Calling the Store

Starting May 2016, we will no longer be offering phone support in order to focus on providing high quality customer service to our walk-in customers. Due to the high amount of walk-in customers at our store, it is proving to be increasingly difficult to handle questions over the phone and serving customers that have made it to the store. We understand that it may just be a “quick question” but it tends to lead to a lengthy conversation. These conversations quickly add up and we lose the ability to provide quality customer service in store as well as caring for our animals. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

Again, if you have any question we can help with answering, please feel free to shoot us an email. We normally reply within 24 hours. Otherwise, our staff is always available for help 7 days a week, in the shop.

Thank You, for your understanding and continued support!