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Two Little Fishies CorAffix

SKU: DG233
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CorAffix™ from Two Little Fishies is a fast-curing, cyanoacrylate bonding compound for hard corals. Use this adhesive to secure corals into position during coral propagation or aquascaping. Honey-like viscosity allows placement of adhesive without drips or a gummy mess. 2 oz bottle features an elongated tip that can be cut to the desired size for added precision. Cures in 20 seconds.

CorAffix™ is great for attaching stony corals, gorgonians, and other sessile invertebrates on live rock in reef aquariums. CorAffix™ Gel features an even thicker consistency ideal for attaching frags of stony corals, zoanthids, and some soft corals to plugs or bases. 0.7 oz tube with easy to use, re-sealing tip.