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Reef Nutrition Phyto-Feast Live 32 oz.

SKU: DG905
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Phyto Feast™ Live

Produced by the marine microalgae experts
Phyto-Feast™ Live is made by Reed Mariculture, the world leader in microalgal hatchery feeds. Our products are used in over 500 university and commercial hatcheries in over 70 countries around the world.
Why everyone loves Phyto-Feast

With six species in 5 classes, Phyto-Feast Live provides a diversiy of Phyto-pigments, lipids, omega-3’s, amino acids, carbohydrates and cell sizes. Proprietary harvesting and stabilizing processes keep cells intact and insures nutrients get to your animals.

You will see the difference!

* Animals and tank diversity improve
* Invertebrates come out to feed
* New success with difficult-to-keep animals

Phyto-Feast or Phyto-Feast Live?

Phyto-Feast Live has the same algae as Phyto-Feast but is handled with special care. Phyto-Feast Live is harvested and shipped fresh each week and has better short-term cell viability. Phyto-Feast has better long-term nutritional stability. Both are equally good for your aquarium.

Phyto-Feast Live is a live product available in 6 ounce, 16 ounce and 32 ounce bottles. Phyto-Feast Live contains whole and intact biological organisms in a media with benign food grade additives. No phosphates added. For longest shelf life, all Phyto-Feast Live should be refrigerated before and after opening.

Shipping Information: You will be charged for the total amount of the product + tax (if applicable) + $10 for insulated shipping box with ice pack. A shipping quote will be emailed to you after we have already received your order and initial payment. You are responsible for paying for the shipping of your order.