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Lugol Solution by Kent Marne

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Kent Lugol`s Solution is a very strong source of iodine, and must be dosed carefully, according to the directions. Lugol`s Solution is very useful for xenia, soft and stony corals, and other polyp cnidarians. This product is best applied to an aquarium by adding it to a strong current of water where it can be circulated into the aquarium over a prolonged period of time. Lugol`s Solution can also be diluted at a ratio of 1 drop to 4 oz. aquarium water in a separate cup and targeted directly up-current from xenia colonies or soft corals, but take care when using this method (not all corals will react the same; stony corals do not generally appreciate this target method of applying Lugol`s).

The benefits of using Lugol`s Solution with Concentrated Iodine Supplement™ and Tech I are that invertebrates are provided with continuous sources of iodine and iodide. When using Lugol`s Solution in conjunction with Concentrated Iodine Supplement, administer Concentrated Iodine at ½ the recommended dosage, and do not dose both products on the same day. When using Lugol`s Solution in conjunction with Tech I, administer either product at ½ the recommended dosage and allow 3-4 days between dosing Lugol`s and Tech I.

If you suspect that you have overdosed the aquarium with Lugol’s Solution, add 1 drop of Kent Chlorinex or Ammonia Detox per 2 drops of Lugol’s that was overdosed, to the aquarium. Do not dose Lugol’s Solution within 24 hours of treating an aquarium with either Chlorinex or Ammonia Detox.