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Hydor 1200 Pico Evolution

SKU: DG252
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The new Pico Evolution range of pumps from Hydor guarantees high performance, small size and total safety. All models, even the smallest, have flow regulation and are ideal for many applications in the marine aquarium, along with general usage in freshwater aquariums, terrariums, water features etc.

These pumps are exceptionally small with even the largest (the 1200) fitting into the palm of the hand. This allows the pumps to be unobtrusive in use.

This pump is also extremely energy efficient! The 1200 model sips only 8W of power but put out an incredible flow rate of 300 GPH! The Maxi-Jet 1200 put out the same flow but it uses 20W of power! That is a lot of heat added to your water and with the pending hot weather right around the corner, that's a huge boiling problem waiting to unfold. Do yourself a favor and grab one while supply lasts! We have very limited qty on hand.