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Ebo Jager Heater

SKU: DG511
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The Ebo Jager Heater is the number one choice heater for the serious hobbyist. No more temperature swings! Extremely accurate, this high-quality waterproof submersible* heater's convenient features include:

  • Easy-to-adjust control dial thermostat with one-degree increments and a 0.5 degree F accuracy
  • Low water level safety switch, which helps avert glass breakage due to thermal shock
  • Six-foot power cord
  • Clip-on holder
  • Control light window
  • Suction cups for easy installation
  • Durable chrome nickel heating coil offers even heat distribution without hot spots
  • Encased in 2 mm. thermal shock resistant Pyrex glass.

The Pyrex glass construction used in the Ebo Jager Heater is far stronger than other glass heaters.

Below is the suggested size of heater to be used based on normal room temperature:

  • 10-15 Gallons 50 Watts
  • 15-20 Gallons 75 Watts
  • 20-30 Gallons 100 Watts
  • 30-45 Gallons 125 Watts
  • 40-60 Gallons 150 Watts
  • 60-90 Gallons 200 Watts
  • 90 Gallons and up 250 Watts

Perfect for Freshwater or Saltwater aquariums.

Now, made by EHEIM

*The Ebo-Jager heater is completely sealed, but does not yet have UL approval to say "submersible" on their North American directions (they have approval in Europe). The directions will say "do not immerse past water line."