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ChemiPure Elite

SKU: DG236
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Chemi-Pure Elite is a precise formula for use with either fresh, reef, and marine aquariums as a chemical absorption filter, ion generator and exchange unit, which positively keeps the pH at a constant level. Ammonia and nitrate scavenging formula removes cooper metal, phosphates, ions, odors, all pollution, gasses, carbon dioxide, and color from aquarium water.

Chemi-Pure quickly buffers pH harmlessly and without any shock to the fish. Newly collected marines or fishes from old water may be transferred to Chemi-Pure filtered water without harm as this remarkable formula neutralizes the fright and shock systems of fishes.

Chemi-Pure Elite formula now contains Ferric oxide, which helps remove red slime and PO4 (phosphates from the water, giving your coral and fish a healthy environment to grow and live. Packaged in a sealed nylon filter bag. Use 1 half unit up to 20 gallons. Above 20 gallons use full unit or equivalent in half units.