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New Arrivals - SPS!!!

 photo 10419506_10204301961562477_9181917114618246704_n_zps2107258e.jpg

Colorful photo 1375965_10204301962962512_1122117052765379318_n_zpscd18accf.jpg

Crab staring at me photo 1393130_10204301965202568_550593837014416182_n_zpsbcc282db.jpg


Innovative Marine New Tanks in Stock

Alright, Peeps! We now have these following in stock:

Innovative Marine 30L Fusion - 36"x15"x13"H
Innovative Marine 20 Fusion Starter Kit - 24"x15"x13"H

Fusion 20 Specs:
DIMS: Length: 24” Width: 15” Height: 13”
6mm High Clarity Low Iron Glass
Mesh Screen Top with Clips
Dual Built-in Overflows
Rubber Leveling Mat
(2) - Removable 3 Stage Filter Baskets
(1) - 11W 110v/60Hz 211 GPH Return Pumps
Includes: Flexible hose and return elbows with Dual Directional Flow Nozzles

Fusion 30L Specs:
30 Gallon Capacity
Ultra Thick 8mm High Clarity Glass/Low Iron
Leveling Rubber Mat
DIMS (36” x 15” x 13”)
Display DIMS (36” x 11” x 13”)
Flat Polished
Diamond Edge Polished
Black Silicone
Aluminum Framed Mesh Screen Lid/Clips

 photo fusionnano20_sm_1_zps6ebf84aa.gif

 photo Fusion30_zps9b16de7f.jpg


Argent Cyclop Eeze Frozen Cubes IN STOCK!!!

We Now have Argent Cyclop Eeze Frozen Cubes in Stock!!! Come get them while they're here!

 photo 10498151_10205756310285902_7372131309558925643_o_zps8c736b3f.jpg



New Saltwater Shipment 11/18

Lots of Corals came in this week....but to mention just a few...

Rainbow Lordhowensis Acan
Favite Brains
Pink Stylophora
Pink Birdsnest
Arrow Crabs
Red Leg Hermits
Scarlet Hermits
Nassarius Snails
Mexican Turbo Snails
Harlequin Shrimps

Have a great week!

Neptune Aquatics


New Freshwater Plants IN

New FW Plants IN Today and Freshwater Fish Arriving Wednesday 11/19:

Vesicularia sp. Little Triangle - aka. Triangle Moss
Ehinodorus Red Rubin
Micro Swords Potted
Lobelia Cardinalis
Anubias Nana Petites
Star Moss
Christmas Moss
Flame Moss
Pearl Moss

Fish Arriving tomorrow (Wednesday):
Cynotilapia sp Hara White Top Gallireya
Cynotilapia Yellow Blaze Mphanga Rocks
Cyrtocara Moorii Blue Dolphin
Cynotilapia sp. Lions Cove
Altolamprologus Compressiceps Gold Face
Lamprologus Caudopunctatus Red Fin
Xystichromis Phytophagus Christmas Fulu
Black Angelfish
Apisto Agassizi Double Red
Apistogramma Cacatuoides Orange Flash
Apistogramma Cacatuoides Super Red
Apistogramma Trifasciata
Checkerboard Cichlid
Corydoras Caudimaculatus
Corydoras habrosus
Corydoras sp. sychri
Corydoras Axelrodi Type
Marble Bumble Bee Cat
Malayan Yellow Pygmy Cat
Dwarf Bumble Bee
Ancistrus Longfin Lemon Drop
Ancistrus Calico
Hypacinstrus sp. Mega Clown L340
Hypacinstrus sp. Queen Arabesque L260
Lepocanthicus Galaxias Vampire Pleco L007
Reticulated Hillstream Loach
Cardinal Tetras
Green Neon Tetras
Diamond Tetras
Axelrodi Riesei Ruby Tetra
Ember Tetras
Red Arc Pencilfish
Chili Rasbora
Harlequin Rasbora
Purple Harlequin Rasbora
Narrow Wedge Rasbora
Pygmy Spotted RAsbora
Siamese Algae Eater
Honey Dwarf Gourami
Sunset Honey Gourami
Red Flame Gourami
Powder Blue Gourami
Scarlet Badis Badis
Pseudomugil Tenellus
Clown Killies
Gold Australe Killie
African Dwarf Frogs

Have an awesome week!

Neptune Aquatics



Here's what arrived this week:

- Aussie Acropora Echinata
- Aussie Ultra Highlighter Tabling Acropora
- Aussie Strawberry Shortcake
- Aussie Pink Tabling Acropora
- Bali Cultured Acroporas
- Echinophyllia Chalice (Watermelon)
- Prism Favia
- Ultra Favia
- Toxic Green Sinularia
- Toxic Green Branching Hammer
- Derassa Clam
- Maxima Clam
- Squamossa Clam
- Green Bubble Tip Anemone
- Rose Bubble Anemone
- Atlantic Condylactus Anemone
- Sebae Anemone
- White Bubble Coral
- Green Bubble Coral
- Green Polyp Toadstool
- Red Goniopora
- Branching Frogspawn
- Metallic Green Candy Cane
- Blue Palythoa

See everyone soon!