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Freshwater Fish Arrived Today! 11/25/20

Assorted Male Guppies
Assorted Female Guppies
Dumbo Mosaic Male Guppies
Amano Shrimp
Roseline Sharks 2"
Cardinal Tetras
Albino Glolite Tetras
Neon Tetras
Gold Neon Tetras
Rummynose Tetras
Ruby Tetras
Serpae Tetras
Longfin Serpae Tetras
Golden Serpae Tetras
Silver Tip Brass Tetras
Ghost Shrimp

Have a great day! :)


FW Plants Arrived

Arrived Today 11/24 TUES:

Alternanthera Reineckii Rosanervig T/C
Crypt Lutea
Crypt Wendtii Green
Crypt Hudoroi
Crypt Tropica
Echinodorus Peruensis
Echinodorus Ozelot Green
Echinodorus Marble Queen
Vallisneria Nana
Vallisneria Spiralis
Vallisnera Torta
Rotala Rotundifolia Red
Rotala Macrandra Mini
Ludwigia Repens
Ludwigia Peruensis Gladulosa var Diamond
Ludwigia Arcuata
Ludwigia Natans Super Red
Eustralis Stellata
Alternanthera Reineckii
Alternanthera Lilacina
Alternanthera Betzickiana
Stauro Repens T/C
Rotala Rotundifolia Green T/C
Riccia Fluitans T/C
Pogostemon Stellatus T/C
Micranthemum Micranthemoides T/C
Micranthemum Monte Carlo T/C
Ludwigia Repens T/C
Ludwigia Palustris Super Red T/C
Lagenandera Meeboldi Red T/C
Hydrocotyle Tripartitua T/C
Hemianthus Callitrichoides Dwarf Baby Tears T/C
Eleocharis Parvulus Mini T/C
Eleocharis Belem T/C ***
Alternanthera Reineckii Rosaefolia T/C
" Mini T/C
Alternanthera Lilacina T/C
Anubias Nana petite on Driftwood
Anubias Nana Petite on Lava Stone
Anubias Golden
Anubias Nana and Java Fern on Driftwood
Anubias Nana
Anubias Heterophylla Mother LG
Anubias Heterophylla
Anubias Barteri var Barteri Mother LG
Anubias Barteri Var Nana
Anubias Barteri Round Golden Coin
Anubias Barteri Striped
Anubias Barteri Butterfly
Anubias Barteri Broad Leaf
Anubias Barteri & Christmas Moss on Driftwood

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!

Remember, we are CLOSED THUR 11/26.

OPEN WED 11/25 and FRI 11/27 normal hours.


FW shrimps Arrived

Here's the new shipment of Shrimps arrived today TUES 11/24:

Bloody Mary Shrimps
Green Babaultis
Black Rose
Red King Kong
Red Rili
Yellow Goldenback shrimp
Green Jade
Blue Bolt
Orange Sunkist
Fire Red

Have a great Thanksgiving Holiday!!!!

FYI... we will be closed THUR only for Thanksgiving Day. Open on WED 11/25 and FRI 11/27 normal hours.



New Saltwater Arrivals Today 11/20/20

Saltwater Arrivals today:

Blue Tangs
Red leg hermit crabs
Sea Hare
Red/ Green Mandarin goby
Powder Blue Tangs
Twin spot four wheeler goby

Have a great day!!


New Saltwater Arrivals; Today 11/18/20

Saltwater Fish arrived:

Royal Gramma
Lemon Meringue Wrasse
Pygmy Atlantic Angel
Talbot's Damsel
Convict Tangs
Gold Headed sand sifter gobies
Tangaro goby
Bi-color yellow cleaner Wrasse
Red scooter blenny
Yellow watchman goby
Chalk basslet
Naso Tangs
Red/Green Mandarin dragonette
Spotted Mandarin dragonette
Clown Tangs
Naoko's Wrasse
Allen's Damsels
Bi-color Blenny
Bengaii Cardinals
Domnio Damsels
Blue/Green Chromis

Saltwater Invertebrates that Arrived today:

Decorator crab
Sand sifter starfish
Rock urchins
Coral banded shrimp
Blue Coral banded shrimp
Flame Scallop
Peppermint shrimp
Emerald crabs


Freshwater Fish Arrived! 11/18/20 Available after 2PM

Gold Angelfish
Koi Angelfish
Apisto Agassizii Double Red
Apisto Agassizii Fire Red
Apisto Cacatuoides Orange Flash
Apisto Cacatuoides Super Red
Apisto Nijsseni Panda Dwarf
Apisto Panduro
Apisto Macmasteri Red Neck
Apisto Macmasteri Red Neck Gold Form
German Blue Ram
Corydoras Atropersonatus Polka Dot
Corydoras Concolor
Corydoras Hastatus
Corydoras Laser Orange CW010
Corydoras Leopardus
Corydoras Paleatus
Corydoras Julii Peru
Glass Cat
Kuhli Loach
Yoyo Loach
Zebra Loach
Black Neon Tetra
Black Phantom Tetra
Bleeding Heart Tetra
Kerri Purple Emperor Tetra
Emperor Tetra
Lemon Tetra
Rummynose Tetra
White Fin Tetra
Four Eye Tetra
Celestial Pearl Danio
Chili Rasbora
Harlequin Rasbora
Narrow Wedge Rasbora
Neon Blue Rasbora
Siamese Algae Eater
Bala Shark
Neon Dwarf Rainbow

African Dwarf Frogs
Red Onion Nerite Snails
Zebra Nerite Snails
Horned Nerite Snails
Blue Mystery Snails

Have a great day! :)